013 | Government Speech Codes | Free Speech & Censorship

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
013 | Government Speech Codes | Free Speech & Censorship

Freedom of Speech is a fundamental right in many modern Western developed nations. However, in recent times, this has been coming under increasing attack by governments.

US government seeking to implement a Disinformation Governance Board to monitor and combat “disinformation”. Jen Psaki told reporters that the Disinformation Governance Board “is not to adjudicate what is true or false online or otherwise” adding, “it will operate in a nonpartisan and apolitical manner.” In Canada, the Liberal government is seeking to pass Bill C-11 which will give power for them to basically “police” and regulate the internet and social media content. There are plenty of other examples of this happening around the world.

How should Christians think through the concept of free speech and whether or not there should be any restrictions on speech? How are we to think about governments enforcing speech codes? This episode starts to explore these issues.


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