017 | Mission of God Conference Recap – Utopianism versus the Kingdom of God

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THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
017 | Mission of God Conference Recap - Utopianism versus the Kingdom of God

I went to the Ezra Institute‘s Mission of God 2022 Conference which happened on May 21, 2022, with a group of guys from my church. The conference’s theme was “Utopianism vs the Kingdom of God”. The conference was really great. Informative and thought-provoking. The three main speakers were Dr. Joe Boot, Graeme Leach and André Schutten.

The topics of the plenary sessions were:

  1. Utopianism and Philosophy – Dr. Joe Boot
    Dr. Boot covered Globalism versus the concept of Biblical Nationhood as two competing views of society. He did this by digging into the genetics of Globalism and the role of Technocracy in this push toward Globalism. He also helped to sketch view of the Biblical vision of how God intended to organize societies.
  2. Utopianism and Economics – Graeme Leach
    Graeme expounded how we’ve moved from a vision of humanistic utopia to the reality of dystopia that it produces. He presented a lot of helpful economic statistics and insights, showing a little of the potential economic prosperity that God’s design held. His bottom line was that we either have a Big God and a small state or a Big state and a small god.
  3. Utopianism and Law – André Schutten
    André’s talk focused in on E.D.I. (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) ideology and its impact on society and law. He pointed out that anarchy and tyranny end up meeting each other at the extreme ends of the spectrum and that only Christianity’s vision of ordered liberty and institution pluralism is the solution. The loss of this Christian vision has led to the death of the Rule of Law.

This episode is a recap from Seb, Dan, Jeremy, Jim, Collin, Tristan and I of some of the things we learnt at the conference.

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