024 | Avoiding Totalitariansm: An Introduction to a Christian View of Law & Government

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
024 | Avoiding Totalitariansm: An Introduction to a Christian View of Law & Government

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Many Christians today view politics as “dirty” and something secular which they should not involve themselves with – far less, bring their faith into it!

However, much of the decline of Western societies in recent years is due to the decreasing influence of Christian beliefs over our societies, in all areas including politics. If Jesus says that we are “salt and light”, an analogy of our preserving and illuminating influence. So, then it stands to reason that in whatever spheres of life Christian influence retreats, it will lead to inevitable decay and darkness. This increasing decay and darkness in the realm of politics and government lead to ever-increasing forms of totalitarianism wherever this happens. Christians should not retreat from the political sphere any more than they should retreat from education, business, the arts or any other part of public life.

If we want to avoid the descent into totalitarianism, we must recover a Christian view of Law and Government in our societies.

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