030 | What is the Gift of Tongues Biblically? – Theological Arguments (Part 1)

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
030 | What is the Gift of Tongues Biblically? - Theological Arguments (Part 1)

You can read the article “The Nature of Tongues | A Theological Analysis” here

What is the Biblical gift of tongues? 

The debate concerning the continuation or cessation of the gift of tongues is one that has brought more than its fair share of confusion and division among Evangelicals. This was a topic I wrestled with personally in my journey of faith, and one I know many more have or are wrestling with today. Many questions abound: Are tongues necessary today? Are tongues the sign of being truly “filled with the Spirit”? What are tongues anyways – are they humanly unintelligible utterances or some sort of real language? 

In this first episode in this series, we consider what the Bible teaches about the Theological Nature of the gift of tongues. 

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