037 | 8 Lessons Christians Must Learn from Nazi Germany

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
037 | 8 Lessons Christians Must Learn from Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany was one of history’s greatest examples of the deplorable depths of depravity that humanity can sink to… yet many today have forgotten its lessons. During the reign of Hitler and the Third Reich, the German Church was caught unprepared and unready to take necessary action to stem the totalitarian dictatorship that would take the lives of over 6 million Jews and millions more as it led to history’s bloodiest war. 

There are some important lessons for us to learn from Nazi Germany, particularly regarding some of the warning signs that led up to the reign of the Nazis and some of the concerning things we see happening in our day. We cannot take freedom for granted and as Christians, we must love our neighbours by also being zealous for their freedoms and rights. Many churches today retreat into a religious pietism that concerns itself only with personal salvation, piety and ecclesiastical matters. Yet our Lord has called us to disciple the nations and be salt and light to the world. 

This episode is 8 lessons Christians must learn from Nazi Germany. 

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