042 | The Anti-Gospel of Wokeness

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
042 | The Anti-Gospel of Wokeness

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Wokeness is a big issue in our culture today and it is seeping into the Church. Yet many don’t realize just how insidious and dangerous this ideology really is to the Church and the Gospel.

This episode builds on our last episode – “Wokeness, Social Justice and the Church” – to dive deeper into the underlying worldview issues.

Woke ideology has a different account of origins and purpose, of sin and what’s wrong with the world, of what we must do to make things right again and of its hope for the future. Stemming from its Marxist origins, it tends to be utopian in its outlook, yet brings with it destruction and division leading to dystopia. It is applied to a wide array of cultural issues today such as racism, feminism, LBGTQ issues, post-colonialism, ableism, gender studies, and many more. However, as we will see in this episode, wokeness is an Anti-Gospel that only offers perpetual guilt, never-ending penance with no hope of absolution or forgiveness and a false promise of a utopian future that it can’t deliver on.

Christians must be aware and prepared to give an answer to these important issues.

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