045 | Eschatology Matters: An Intro to Views of the End Times and Why It Matters

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
045 | Eschatology Matters: An Intro to Views of the End Times and Why It Matters

The topic of eschatology – the study of last things – is an area of theology that is often considered highly controversial, debatable and divisive. 

A lot of Christians in the Evangelical church today consider eschatology an unimportant part of their doctrine, categorizing it as a secondary or tertiary issue. “We just need to all agree that Christ is coming back” can be a polite dismissive way of turning the topic to something else when it comes up. However, while it is true that one’s eschatology should not divide us in terms of one’s status of salvation and fellowship within a local congregation, it is important to many aspects of daily Christian life and faith. Eschatology is not of primary importance, but it is not unimportant.

This episode reviews some of the major Christian views of the End Times (Eschatology) and why it matters to us today. I also cover some of my own journey in studying eschatology.


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