052 | Libertarian Free Will vs Biblical Compatibilism (God’s Sovereignty & Human Responsibility Series – Part 1)

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THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
052 | Libertarian Free Will vs Biblical Compatibilism (God's Sovereignty & Human Responsibility Series - Part 1)

If God is sovereign, then how can we have free will?

This is a question that has puzzled Christians and kept theologians debating for centuries now. On the surface, it seems like a conundrum. Some argue that we must be totally free otherwise we would be like robots. Others have argued for a type of hard determinism that resembles pagan fatalism and fate. Many just throw up their hands in frustration. Is there any way we can know for sure?

In this episode, we start a series where we’ll be taking a deep dive into the mysteries of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. In this first episode, we’ll start by clearly defining our terms and looking at what is meant by Libertarian Free Will and Biblical Compatibilism – two important phrases in this discussion. From there, we’ll continue by looking at some important Biblical texts and what they clearly teach. We’ll end off this series by contemplating what this means about the fact that evil exists, some pastoral implications and answer some objections.

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Articles in this series:

  2. BIBLICAL COMPATIBILISM | How Does Human Freedom & God’s Sovereignty Fit Together?
  3. GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY IN SALVATION – An Exposition of Romans 8-10
  4. GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY | Over Who Comes to Faith and Over Evil
  5. GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY & MAN’S RESPONSIBILITY | Implications, Objections & Resources


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