066 | TGC, Pastors, Lockdowns & Repentance ft. Alex Kloosterman

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066 | TGC, Pastors, Lockdowns & Repentance ft. Alex Kloosterman

In this episode, we sit down with Pastor Alex Kloosterman from City Hill Baptist Church and Dominion Press in Peterborough, Ontario to discuss an open letter to the churches of Canada in April 2023 written at Dominion Press concerning the issue of the response to the lockdowns. We talk about the effort to recast the situation in a different light and why that’s concerning. We also touch on why this issue is still relevant and the proper relationship between forgiveness and repentance.

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In the conversation, we talk about the sinful idolatry that took place and whether or not these issues are serious enough for a Christian to consider leaving a church. Ultimately, we talk about the desire for real dialogue to happen and reconciliation between these different parties within the Reformed Evangelical world. That should be ours, and every Christian’s desire, that we would see true unity happen – not due to compromise, but rather through Spirit-wrought conviction of the truth.


🔗 Links Mentioned:

🔹 https://www.dominionpress.ca/p/an-open-letter-to-the-churches-of

🔹 https://ca.thegospelcoalition.org/tgc-canada/canadian-pastors-forum-covid-19/

🔹 https://www.dominionpress.ca/

🔹 https://www.hillcitybaptist.com/


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