069 | Building Strong Christian Communities: Families, Churches, Businesses & Schools (ft. Josh Ankenmann)

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069 | Building Strong Christian Communities: Families, Churches, Businesses & Schools (ft. Josh Ankenmann)

Building strong Christian Communities is even more important in the troubled times that we live in.

With a rising anti-Christian sentiment in much of our culture, Bible-believing Christians are facing more discrimination in the workplace, schools, entertainment, culture and even legally. Everything from DEI to ESG to BLM and CRT, and all the other ominous 3-letter acronyms for ungodly ideologies creates a cultural atmosphere where many conservative Christians feel more and more pressured to compromise their faith. When we’re isolated we’re vulnerable and weak, so robust communities where Christians learn from, support and build up each other are vital.

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In this episode, we sit down again with Josh Ankenmann, the founder of Algonquin Digital Media Co. to discuss the importance of building strong Christian communities and how that can radically impact our lives and the community and culture around us for the glory of God. We talk about what it takes to build strong families, churches, businesses and the importance of Christian education in establishing strong and lasting Christian communities that can be a refuge in dark times but also serve as a city on a hill to shine the light of the Gospel to a world in need.

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