072 | Christian Nationalism, Theonomy and Virtuous Liberty (ft. P. Andrew Sandlin)

THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
THEOTIVITY | Theology, Creativity & Culture
072 | Christian Nationalism, Theonomy and Virtuous Liberty (ft. P. Andrew Sandlin)

Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin compares various approaches to political thought and discusses the need for a Biblical and Christian view of politics today.

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We discuss the rising interest in political theory by many Christians today and some of the pros and cons of the Christian Nationalism movement. Dr. Sandlin gives some needed clarity and wise warnings about some of the tendencies within Christian Nationalism, as well as clarifies some of the distinctions between Theonomy and Christian Reconstructionism. In the end, he argues that we need a vision of ‘Virtuous Liberty”, guided by the Scriptures as a way forward for Christians.

Dr. Sandlin is Founder & President of the Center for Cultural Leadership. He is also faculty of the H. Evan Runner International Academy for Cultural Leadership of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the De Jong Distinguished Visiting Professor of Culture and Theology of Edinburg Theological Seminary. He has been preaching and teaching and lecturing for 40 years and holds a B. A. in English, history, and political science (University of the State of New York); he was awarded an M. A. in English literature (University of South Africa); he has taken doctoral work in English (Kent State University); and he holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology summa cum laude (Edinburg Theological Seminary). He is married and has five adult children and four grandchildren.




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