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Published on July 10, 2024

Podcasts and books are a great way for Christians men to grow in their knowledge and faith. I get asked for recommendations frequently, so here are a few to check out.

Now, this list may enrage some of the soyboys or nuance bros out there who never want to make any enemies or ruffle feathers. I admit that some of these resources are not considered “regime-approved”and will probably challenge many. I may even be accused of radicalizing my friends (lol). However, just because I recommend a resource does not mean that I necessarily endorse every single thing about it. It simply means that I think it’s worthy of consideration and helpful food for thought in light of today’s cultural challenges. As men in snowflakey times we must be able to wrestle with ideas and with other Christians who we may even disagree with—because it is the heat of friction produced by iron on iron that sharpens. But more importantly, these ideas must not just stay in the realm of hypotheticals and interesting ponderings—they must work themselves out into our decisions in life and how we live in God’s world.

As with all things, every man should be a good Berean and “search the scriptures to see if these things are so.”


Apologia Radio

These guys are probably the OGs who I’ve been following the longest. If there is a ministry (outside the local church) that has impacted my faith the most, it’s probably Apologia Studios. Between Jeff Durbin and Dr. James White, I don’t know who lives in my head rent free the most (haha). Their show covers a lot of culturally relevant topics, helping Christians think Biblically and respond to the pressing objections to the faith. They provide free online seminary-level education through Bansen U. They also lead by example in many of their Evangelistic endeavours on the streets, outside abortion clinics, before legislatures and engaging the culture. This is a ministry I highly recommend following!

The King’s Hall

The King’s Hall Podcast slogan is “Making self-ruled men to rule well and win the world.” It’s a podcast that I’ve enjoyed for a while now, even though I may not always agree with everything they say, they do help me think about things from another perspective and examine some of the beliefs we have inherited from secularized and feminized culture. Also, every episode is so fun to listen to as these brothers talk about serious issues with a jovial spirit.

Right Response Ministries

A podcast hosted by Joel Webbon seeking to apply God’s Word to all areas of life from a conservative, Reformed and super based perspective. This is a “variety show” of sorts, with each day having a different type of content. There are short form teaching excerpts, interviews, sermons and more. I’ve really grown to appreciate Pastor Joel’s thoughtfulness and biblical insight on a variety of relevant topics today. I think that this podcast will challenge and encourage you in all the right ways.

Ezra Institute for Cultural Reformation

The Ezra Institute Podcast for Cultural Reformation helps Christians think about culture in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. An offshoot of the ministry of Dr. Joe Boot, this podcast engages many of the hot topics of our day from a distinctly and uncompromising Biblical and Reformational worldview that seeks to establish the Lordship of Christ in every sphere of life. Combining deep scholarly thought with practical day-to-day application, this podcast offers a lot of fruitful food for thought and equipping of Christians for the cultural battles of our day.

Eschatology Matters

A lot of Christians think that their view of the End Times (Eschatology) is one of those debatable topics that really has no bearings on their lives today. However, though it’s not a primary doctrine, this does not mean it’s unimportant to our everyday lives. This is because we all live in light of a particular destiny, and depending on what you think that is will determine how you live today and plan for the future. Eschatology Matters aims to take eschatology back from ivory towers and fanatic fringes, to the people in the pew. All from a Reformed perspective.

Crosspolitic Show & Podcast

If you’re like me and you really appreciate direct, pointed and playful banter and political commentary about topics that aren’t exactly “politically correct” from a conservative, Biblical and reformed perspective, then this podcast is probably going to be your jam. CrossPolitic (Christ over politics) mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. It helps Christians to see and desire the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory.

The Renaissance of Men

This podcast by Will Spencer seeks to equip and encourage men. Something is happening in the world of men: a global awakening, a time of rediscovery, a rebirth. Men around the world are drawing on the best of masculinity from all of time to redefine what it means to be a man, on their terms. The Renaissance of Men explores this global phenomenon, the men making it happen, the men benefiting from it, and how all men can transform themselves by participating in this unique historical moment.

Hard Men Podcast

The Hard Men Podcast seeks to reclaim biblical masculinity in a world of softness. Eric Conn chats with various guests and talks about the various ways men today fall prey to the softness and feminization of our age. His conversations are hard hitting, direct, no-nonsense address and quite frequently cause a stir. Nuance is not exactly his forté… lol. However, these are needed prods in our emasculated times and Christian men will find much to think and consider as well as motivation to be the men that God has created them to be.

Bright Hearth

Ever feel like it’s hard to know what a Biblical household should look like in our age that has been so tainted by feminism and secularism? Bright Hearth podcast exists to recover the lost arts of homemaking and the productive Christian household. The hosts, Brian and Lexy are relateable and charming—plus their commentary on the realities of parenting and practical tips on home life are super helpful. Filled with practical wisdom and really fun to listen to together with your wife, this is a podcast that I’ve gleaned a lot from.

Haunted Cosmos

A podcast investigating a world that isn’t just stuff (from a Christian worldview). Haunted Cosmos dives into the world of high strangeness, UFOs, demons, folklore, tales and legends to explore the wonderous and often spooky world that God has made and sin has corrupted. We live in an age of science that has sought to remove all the mystery and wonder of our world. Yet God has created a world that is more than just the material. This podcast provides many hours of interesting contemplation of those phenomena with great production value that makes it really addicting to listen to!

Reformation Red Pill

The choice is yours… red pill—you see just how deep the rabbit hole goes of our secular age, or blue pill—you stay in the blue-haired matrix. LOL. This is a podcast helping Reformed Christians who may have taken the “red pill” and started to see all the things wrong with society and even church culture, but they don’t yet have the words or theology to describe it and far less to take action. Filled with joyful banter and jokes, this is a fun podcast with some rowdy Presbyterians seeking to be godly troublemakers.

Clear Truth Media

Many of the Christian outlets which used to be trusted sources, such as TGC and Christianity Today have unfortunately gone wokey and capitulated to the spirit of the age. There is a need for new institutions and outlets to serve Christians, pastors, and the local church with doctrinally-sound and relevant content. Clear Truth Media is a new venture that is committed to unifying around Core Doctrine, sharing cultural convictions in alignment with orthodox doctrine and historical Christianity and engaging culture and restoring truth to the public squares. I’ve really appreciated their articles and YouTube videos especially and look forward to seeing more.


“My name is Eddie, and I was in a cult…” That opener has been burned into my brain now. haha! If you’ve got a curiosity for the kingdom of the cults, the Cultish Podcast is your jam. Each episode tackles a different world cult—from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Mormons to Hinduism and the New Age and more—often interviewing ex-cult members for the inside scoop. This resource has been super helpful for me to understand and engage with the people knocking at our door or hanging out around bus stops from time to time. It’s also great that they take things from a solidly biblical, reformed and presuppositional approach to apologetics.


Here is a curated list of some books that I think every Christian man should consider adding to their reading lists if they haven’t read them already.1Please note, the Amazon Associate links help me get a small commission at no cost to you should you choose to purchase from them. This helps in a little way for me to cover the costs of keeping this site running. Thanks!

On Biblical Manhood

…cuz apparently the world is confused about what this means.

On Family & Relationships

…cuz godly men are leaders in building strong homes which build strong societies.

On Politics & Culture

…cuz godly men are leaders in the world


…cuz we all need to know the lineage of godly men whose footsteps we follow in and the inheritance we’ve been given to steward.

I hope that you find these resources stimulating and helpful as we seek to be godly men in use of Christ’s Kingdom.

I’ll probably come back at this list at some point in the future and keep it updated as a running list… so please feel free to share this page of resources with anyone you think would find it helpful.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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    Please note, the Amazon Associate links help me get a small commission at no cost to you should you choose to purchase from them. This helps in a little way for me to cover the costs of keeping this site running. Thanks!

Please note, the Amazon Affiliate Links in my articles give me a small commission when you make a purchase at no extra cost to you and helps to cover the costs of this site. Thanks!

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